Time to get the Lead Out

You wouldn’t leave lead paint on the walls of your house—so why are you leaving lead in your body?

Ever hear of chelation? It’s been around since the second World War, developed as an intravenous treatment to remove heavy metals from the blood stream. With concern growing over the amounts of lead, aluminum and other toxins now taken in by the average person, the treatment has received far more attention. And well it should.

The benefits of chelation with EDTA extend beyond simply removing heavy metals. It also improves circulation… dramatically. A recent study (2002-2012) looked at the effects of chelation (EDTA) in over 1700 patients that were over 50 years old and had had a prior heart attack. The results of the study show an 18% reduction in heart events (death, heart attack, stroke, stenting or bypass and hospitalization) compared to other effective treatments, including statins and aspirin. The reduction rate jumped to 26% when oral vitamins were included. Patients with diabetes mellitus showed a 41% reduction in clinical events, including a 43% reduction in deaths over 5 years.

TACT Study

Chelation was developed to remove heavy metals from the body, metals which cause high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and strokes. The benefits found in the study above are certainly worth noting for people experiencing these issues.

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