Don’t Stress — Decompress!

Try these natural solutions to get through this holiday season with more peace:

Recharge your Batteries

Try to devote 15 minutes or more every day to doing something you enjoy or just creating some quiet time.

Just Say “Maybe”

If saying “no” to holiday time invitations leaves you feeling guilty, try “maybe” until commitment is necessary.

Stock Up

Fill the freezer with individual sized or made-ahead healthy soups and stews that can be heated quickly. It will help to avoid fast-food and hectic wait-in-line delays.

Stay Ahead of Possible Digestive Upset

Take some digestive enzymes with you for when you are out and about to take after meals! This season try ZYCARB digestive enzymes. It can be helpful during the holiday food festivities.

Streamline Supplements

Simplify nutrition by creating your supplements in divided doses in small plastic containers or labelled baggies. Make then ahead for the week and keep one with you for when you leave home!

Take a Chill Pill

A steady diet of stress is responsible for most illnesses, say some experts. Fortunately, there are some great, natural choices to combat the effects of stress.  Besides pursuing a healthy diet there are two supplements equally important in stressful times:

  • A Daily Multivitamin and Mineral – In a study by British researchers, they found that those given a multivitamin and mineral daily for 28 days had statistically significant reductions in anxiety and perceived stress compared to the placebo group. Try MITOPLEX this season!  Many of the group of nutrients it contains are specifically created to fill the gaps of nutritional deficiency that comes with our fast-paced lifestyles.  Many have mentioned to our staff that they love the increase in energy they have felt since they have started taking it.
  • A B-Complex – This group of vitamins are equally important in stressful times! They are involved in nerve, muscle, and brain functions. Understandably, our patients have reported the B group of vitamins helps them reduce anxiety and depression.  Although science has found that each of the B vitamins have specific duties, they work best together in balanced doses.  So especially when managing difficult schedules like the holidays ahead, you may want to add our BASIC B COMPLEXIt is one of our most popular products and a staff favorite!

About the Author

Beth Bost

Beth is a long time employee of Born Clinic with a passion for nutrition and the medical field. She is grateful to be able to assist the providers at Born Clinic spotlight their knowledge and insight of functional medicine to help their patients help themselves feel better!

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