RECIPE: Chickpea Quinoa Salad

If you’re looking for an absolutely delicious, healthful and easy to prepare summertime salad, look no further! This Chickpea Quinoa Salad is it! Gluten and dairy free, and packed with loads of nutrition- you’re sure to love this fresh salad.

RECIPE: Muffin Tin Egg Cups

These egg cups make for a simply tasty and high protein meal prepped breakfast. They are customizable and a fun way to get your vegetables and protein in the morning. Ready in just 30 minutes, this is an easy way to be prepared for your morning breakfasts for the week!

RECIPE: Baked Lemon Salmon with Asparagus

This is an incredibly nutritious dinner that is simple to prepare, tastes delicious and is so beautiful! This recipe works wonderfully for a weeknight dinner, or as a tasty meal prepped protein option for lunches!

CoQ10 — Not All Are Created Equally

Your heart beats 100,000 times in one day and 35 million times every year of your life! Knowing this, it is easy to see how important energy is for the healthy functioning of your heart muscle. We know the importance of healthy eating and exercise to build and support the heart, however, there is a nutrient that is crucial to …

RECIPE: Garlic Butter Green Beans

This is a delicious and healthful side recipe perfect for any holiday table. It is simple to prepare and makes such a tasty whole-food side option that is sure to please.

Don’t Stress — Decompress!

Try these natural solutions to get through this holiday season with more peace: Recharge your Batteries Try to devote 15 minutes or more every day to doing something you enjoy or just creating some quiet time. Just Say “Maybe” If saying “no” to holiday time invitations leaves you feeling guilty, try “maybe” until commitment is necessary. Stock Up Fill the …