Weight Loss

The HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide originally proposed and developed by Dr. Albert Simeon is the method of diet that we have been using here at the Born Clinic for many years. The HCG diet has become well known among many people who have lived through years of unsuccessful dieting. HCG, in combination with a low calorie diet and proper exercise plan, often aids in fat loss while maintaining muscle mass.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a naturally occurring hormone produced in women in high quantities during pregnancy. The amount used for the diet is only a small fraction of the amount produced during pregnancy. The HCG hormone is thought to shift the body’s ability toward burning fat for energy without breaking down muscle, and it may help to calibrate the patient’s metabolism, resetting the patient’s “set point.”

Here at Born Clinic, we have providers that medically prescribe HCG. The patient is first seen by a doctor or physician assistant for an evaluation and prescribed a two-week supply of injections, after which they return to the Clinic for a nurse or staff visit every two weeks to weigh in and receive another two weeks supply. The typical protocol is one injection every morning for six weeks. If continued weight loss is desired, the patient continues with a modified diet and exercise plan for four weeks, but without the HCG injection. This prevents the body from becoming resistant to the HCG. After the four weeks, another 4-6 week period of injections may be initiated based on health and condition of the patient.

Regaining better physical health, including weight loss, is a lifestyle change. We believe balanced nutrition and exercise should be a part of everyone’s daily life, but for those who need some assistance, HCG may be the perfect tool to help them gain control of their weight, health, and life. Many have achieved significant weight lost by adding HCG to their diet plan.

Results will vary among patients

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