Mary Louder, D.O.

Mary Louder, DO is an Osteopathic physician. She is board certified in both family medicine and integrative and holistic medicine. She is a graduate of the University of Montana (BS in Education) and a doctorate (Doctor of Osteopathy) from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed a general osteopathic internship at Michigan Capital Medical Center in Lansing and a family medicine residency from Grand Rapids Family Practice Residency at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI. She has been a practicing physician since 1993.

Dr. Louder has practiced medicine in Michigan, Colorado, and Montana. She has extensive experience in integrative and holistic medicine as well as believing in the strength of the doctor patient relationship. She believes that the patient will tell you what is wrong with them and it is her job to listen so as to understand. She also believes in the body’s inherent capacity to heal and she works with the body’s systems towards that goal. Understanding the root causes and mind body approach to care is the keystone to her approach.

Dr. Louder incorporates osteopathic treatment and adjustments for all patients when needed and also believes that in most if not all chronic illnesses there is a root cause of trauma whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. Identifying and treating trauma is a key approach to getting well.

Dr. Louder approaches her care from a structure and function perspective, those two aspects of the body are inherently related. This can also define the field of functional medicine. Working through these principles and combining that approach with listening to the patient as well as over 27 years of practice, Dr. Louder feels that there is always hope, love and healing that patients can experience during their visit and medical treatment.

Dr. Louder is a West Michigan native and is excited to have the opportunity to return to her hometown and continue practicing integrative medicine. While not in the office, Dr. Louder enjoys bike riding, nature walks, fly-fishing and identifying rocks and birds as well as reading and spending time with friends and family. She is married to Andy Louder and they have a fun-loving and delightful labradoodle, Lucy.

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Dorothy A. Pedtke, D.O.

Dr. Pedtke joined Born Clinic in August 2002. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame, completed her residency at Metropolitan Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, holds a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Michigan State University, and is a Board Certified Family Practice Physician.

Her interest in alternative medicine stems from an international upbringing where preventive and complementary therapies are assumed components of traditional treatment. She has special interests and extensive training in prolotherapy, weight loss, and natural hormone replacement therapy.

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About Born Clinic

At Born Clinic, we are passionate about empowering our patients to have more control over their health, and challenge the idea of a “one-size-fits-all” model of medicine. Those under our care can expect their appointments to include detailed health intakes supported by up-to-date laboratory testing, and a focus on treatment and prevention through a prescribed combination of conventional medicine, pharmaceutical grade supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, and osteopathic manipulations.

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